The realm of Americana music is a large and messy place. Nestled comfortably deep within the schizophrenia lies Wil Van Winkle. From coffee shops to festivals to clothing optional resorts, Wil Van Winkle has played them all. No stranger to the road Wil has entertained audiences through three continents, 6 countries, and cities all over the world, “Wil Van Winkle has served up some lively music infused with interesting polyrhythms and his strong and unique voice.” (- Rocky Stone from Music News May 2007).

With influences ranging from Country to Alternative, Blues to Rock, and beyond he found it hard to stick to just one style but found that by incorporating all of these influences into his writing he was able to appeal to a wide range of audiences, which can be seen when looking at some of his past gigs, including a Democratic Convention and a Republican Fund Raiser/Police Chief's Party both in Texas, Cancer Benefits, and various coffee shops, hotels, clubs, house concerts, and wineries. Wil was even scheduled to be the first American musician to play Afghanistan in 2002 until renewed fighting and bombing broke out on the bridge between Kandahar and Tashkent.

Wil began breaking into larger venues with his band, the Sixpins until the last original member moved out of state in 2023 and he decided the time had come to return to a solo act. With and without a band he has played festivals such as Henry County, TN’s Pioneer Day and John Schneider’s (of Dukes of Hazzard and Smallville fame) Bo’s Extravaganza in Georgia, and the Country Music Meeting in Berlin, Germany.

Playing such a wide range of venues has earned Wil sponsorships from Heineken, KAO Kampgrounds, Prilosec OTC and, at one time, an endorsement deal from Knucklehead Guitar Strings. Wil Van Winkle has seen his share of attention from the media; as well, he has appeared on Fox Morning News with his former collaborator, Brit Shea, Wil Van Winkle & the Sixpins have been featured on Marquee Backstage, airing in 7 states on NBC, CBS, or MeTV affiliates, been written up in several entertainment circulars, and he has performed and been interviewed on radio and podcasts stretching from the former USSR to California.